At Elements Web Development, we envision a digital landscape where artists, musicians, and small businesses operated by or serving communities of color have a vibrant and influential online presence that reflects their unique identities, stories, and talents. Our vision is to be the premier WordPress web design studio dedicated to elevating these voices and fostering their success in the digital world.

We believe in the transformative power of design, and our mission is to provide innovative, inclusive, and accessible web solutions that cater specifically to the diverse needs and aspirations of our clients. Our vision statement reflects our commitment to:

Cultural Celebration
We aim to celebrate and honor the rich tapestry of cultures, artistic expressions, and entrepreneurial endeavors within communities of color through captivating web designs that reflect the essence of our clients’ identity and mission.

Equitable Opportunity
Our vision is to bridge the digital divide by offering affordable and high-quality WordPress websites that empower artists, musicians, and small businesses to thrive.

Collaborative Partnerships
We envision forming enduring partnerships with our clients, working closely with them to understand their unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. We aspire to be more than just a web design studio; we want to be their digital allies in success.

Innovation and Inclusivity
We are committed to staying at the forefront of web design technology and ensuring that our solutions are accessible, responsive, and reflect the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Social Impact
Our ultimate vision is to contribute to radical social change by amplifying the voices of those who often go unheard, providing opportunities for cultural expression, artistic growth, and economic empowerment.

Inspiration and Connection
We aspire to create websites that inspire, engage, and connect audiences, fostering stronger bonds within communities and promoting creativity, diversity, and entrepreneurship.

Elements Web Development is dedicated to realizing this vision, and we are passionate about helping artists, musicians, and small businesses within communities of color thrive in the digital realm. Together, we will co-create a future where the digital reflects and feeds into the richness of culture, music, and entrepreneurship, uplifting the voices that make our world a more colorful and harmonious place.”

Raymond Johnson

From Musician to Web Developer

The inception of Elements Web Development was, in many ways, inspired by the profound cosmology of the Dagara, underscoring a commitment to align my work with a deeper purpose. The fundamental mission of this web design studio is rooted in the aspiration of assisting artists and creative individuals in promoting their works on the digital canvas.

To provide some context to my journey, my mid-twenties marked a pivotal juncture in my life. Supported by loyal friends and spurred by the reverberations of a global financial crisis, I initially embarked on a path toward a career in music. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize the challenges and ethical complexities of exclusively commodifying one’s art for monetary gain. As a means to sustain myself and cover the essentials, I ventured into the world of website development, taking on a series of freelance projects. Through diligent effort and a series of word-of-mouth referrals, I achieved success in aiding individuals in managing their do-it-yourself websites. This success ultimately paved the way for the establishment of my own web design studio.

In summary, my journey from an aspiring musician to a proficient web developer has been a path of discovery, growth, and transformation. Elements Web Development stands as a testament to my dedication to support the artistic community, facilitating their online presence and helping them share their unique talents with the world.


Raymond saved the day for us on a web development project that was in serious jeopardy due to previous development issues and a fast-approaching time-line. His exceptional technical skills are matched by his professional discipline and wonderful personality.

John Brackett
Digital Product Manager

He’s a great source of information and recommendations on native plug-ins for WordPress and solutions available outside the platform. He’s resourceful, thorough, prompt, and a genuine pleasure to work with. He handled every request we threw at him and found solutions for all of them.

Hillary Read
VP of Marketing at 3Q Digital

As our internal team was on a tight deadline and had very specific needs, I found collaboration with Raymond to be incredibly smooth and thorough. I can specifically attest to the incredible admin panel UI that he constructed for easy content and media updates. The page templates and custom fields were exactly what any marketer would hope to see when going to make changes – intuitive and well-defined.

Analisa Goldblatt
Marketing Manager Real Massive

We hired Raymond to take over our organization’s WordPress website after our previous developer unexpectedly quit. Raymond quickly stepped in and fixed lingering functionality and design issues. He was able to work to integrate our CRM with our WordPress site even though he had never worked with the CRM we use before. Any time an issue comes up (which is rare these days!), Raymond is quick to respond with a solution. We’re so happy to be a client of Raymond’s, and I would recommend him for any project!

Anna Whitley
Digital Director at Battleground Texas

“My new site looks even better than I expected and I owe that entirely to Raymond. In addition, he set it up so it will be very easy for me to maintain over time, which I am really grateful for. I would definitely work with him again and recommend anyone who needs a fresh website to work with him too!”

portrait of Kera MacKenzie

Kera MacKenzie
Co-Founder, ACRE TV

It was hard to believe that we accomplished the redesign quickly and with such calm. Afterwards, I felt equipped with the tools to edit and adjust certain details on the website by myself, and in a very timely manner, Raymond generously offered any additional assistance that might be necessary.

Emilie Basez
Vocalist, Leyline

Raymond often assists Design It Please with WordPress development. He’s reliable, trustworthy, and fast!

Samantha Fagan
Founder, Design it Please

Raymond does a great job of bridging both the technical and creative aspects of his sites. So impressed with his range, and he is a delight to work with!

Jessica Laura Wood
Human Factors Consultant

Raymond listened, he was professional, responsive, creative, and greater than fair! He made suggestions and added additional features to my site that I hadn’t even thought of.

Deborah Peyton
Founder at Austin Rhythm and Drum, LLC